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The ultimate 2D car soccer fun for Android!



  • Enjoy high paced 2D car soccer matches with satisfying physics

  • Play offline matches, missions & challenges and online unranked or ranked matches

  • Perform spectecular stunts and trickshots utilizing jump and boost to launch your vehicle towards the sky and weapons for precise surprise shots

  • Customize and upgrade your vehicle, decal, wheels, boost, weapon and even a horn to distract other players

  • Unlock unusual vehicles and mechanics to refine your strategy or to create fun builds

  • Challenge yourself to beat the super highly skilled hard mode AI in a fair 1v1 match or in an almost impossible 1v2 and even 1v3 match

  • Increase the difficulty even more with additional modifiers and handicaps that work for offline and online matches

  • Use intuitive touch controls or connect a gamepad to your device to gain ultimate control over your vehicle

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